Monday, April 27, 2009

Experience Roland (Touch the Music)

Yeap...another event that happened after our final exam finish.
Andrew has his one small performance at KLCC convention center that proudly brought by Roland.
This is an exhibition that Roland sell all the electric keyboard, amp, Roland V-drum, effects pedals, and got a lot companies that helps like The Guitar Store, is one of the sponsor.
And actually Trinity Rock school also are one part of the event, that they wants advertise their school to those who like guitar, drum and bass.

so...cut it short...

Andrew are represented to his teaching center, The Concerto Music.
And after days of practice with those students that involves, later I'll post out the video (cause is quite "huge")
And one Jazz band that are very pro also got performed after our performance. The band call Gruvavenue, with we found out that Ah Ming's teacher.

here comes with some photos first...

MasaKing doing a little drum workshop

While setup"ing"

erm...this is the concerto music group that where Andrew teach.

A small boy that play bass, good song, good skill, and cute small bass.

because our friendly neighborhood Ms.Lee Jia Wen couldn't make it, so we pretend she there..XD
*can you point out where she is??? hahaha

Andrew Performing

This is the Gruvavenue band...awesome and crazy, damn good in Jazz...

Ah Ming's piano teacher, which is our college piano teacher.

so...after everything end, we planned to go to KLCC for a walk, and "try" to find cheap and nice food in KLCC. But end up we go back to kepong area makan.
While in KLCC, we saw an event of model catwalk. Walau...those girls are...................BEAUTIFUL, PRETTY, TALL, LONG LEGS, NICE FACE......everything nice are on the stage....hahahahaha....

and after that we went kepong's Desa Park city, that is a beautiful and nice and windy and big garden. We had our steamboat at near by the garden, which Kevin will opload the steamboat photo.

And after that, we planned to have a digest walk at the garden. just relax, and rest and rest and rest.....hahaha...

Steamboat meal and a prawn

Steamboat meal cooking =)

Andrew scaring us

View by the lake

View from a high spot... very nice lookout =)

Saturday, April 25, 2009




Cowboy boots ride.. 


YingHui Wendee

Water Ride..

Kevin Rachel Jiawen Stephen

Water Slide..

YingHui Irene Wendee


Irene Stephen David


Kenny Ming Stephen Johan

David Jiawen Wendee YingHui

Irene Wendee


Stephen on the weight

Stephen weighs 135kg

YingHui Wendee JiaWen David


Andrew cari pasal

Rachel Kevin

Ming Wendee Irene YingHui

Irene Wendee
Them again..
David sendiri running..

YingHui Wendee Stephen Ming

Irene Wendee YingHui

Stephen Ming Irene Wendee

sigh.. u know who are they la..

Especially this one oso..

Irene YingHui

David Johan


Our Slippers

Jiawen Kena Splinter

Another group pic..

During Lunch Time



Irene Wendee Kenny Stephen

Irene YingHui Wendee

At Johan's House
Stephen Irene

YingHui Irene Wendee


Water Pail..

Jiawen Wendee Irene



Group Pic at counter..

Drinks at Asia Cafe



Still at Counter, Bag Checking..

Rachel Kevin Ming YingHui

Irene Wendee

Same peeps..