Friday, November 6, 2009


Wuhooo.... after a whole ton of assessments, assignment, practice, studies, class, go here, go there..
Finally we got a pit stop..huh........Holiday is a happy session. everyone just want to play, have fun, SLEEP, and SLEEP AGAIN...don't want to touch any instrument. Stay at home and just hang around the bed...haha...That's awesome...

the four of us..yep...we got our own journey to go.. Kevin, Rachel and Jiawen busy on their christmas carol. Andrew got a lot practice for gig and his church got an event for christmas. Haiz...still...not "Holiday" yet...

anyway...Happy Holiday to everyone, get a nice sleep like polar bear, can sleep and rest until the next year..haha...

and.....the most important one, the most of us will go singapore to hunt some music stuff like instrument, amp, and shopping (for girls la)... Andrew sure will complain and very lazy to walk in shopping. haha...

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Finally, a movie.

So, after a long time of stress during the previous sem's exams, we're taking this current semester more relaxed even though we have jury exams and all that.

We decided it was time for a movie.... something fun. What other movie could be fun other than Up. Up is an animated movie from Disney Pixar productions, the latest as of yet. 2 weeks passed wanting to watch the show, then finally we got the chance to do so at Mid Valley's GSC.

The movie's main cast.
(from left: dug, kevin, russel, carl)

The four of us enjoyed the show and had a good laugh. =D

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Non Mafia's Mafia @.@??

The game mafia is wide spread in the world. Now even come to Malaysia.
The Mafia....

LOL......!!!! hahahaha........

Monday, July 20, 2009

"Awesome" trip in Korea JEJU!!!

First of all...will introduce some korean word to you all.

ㅓㅠ새ㅔㅗ ㅐㅔㅓㅁㅇ내ㅔ랴ㅕ배ㅔㄱㅁ내에ㅐㅁㄴ에ㅐㅁㄴ레ㅐㅁㄴㅌ레ㅐㄴ에ㅐ네ㅐㅁ헤ㅐㄴ레ㅐㅇㅁㄴ레ㅐ넹래냉래ㅐ랠ㅇ내ㅔㄹㅇㄴ렝네헬에해ㅔㅇ뢔ㅔㅇ래헤ㅐㅇㅁㄴ게ㅐ메램ㄴ....

yea...we not sure what are we talking about too...
haha...will update soon.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Midvalley tour...(separate into two times)

HHHHIIIIIIII!!!!'s been awhile since our last post! We got tied up with lots of works and at the same time, looking for more lame stuff to post! =)

so yea...our ONE-DAY-MIDVALLEY-TOUR, but separated into two times...

First tour was, we went there for a movie!!! Drag Me To Hell...

The movie, ok la...but some said, MAKES NO SENSE! lol...for me, ok...but DISGUSTING!! lol
ppl who joined us; 4 of us, Ying Hui, Huay May and Dave.

After movie, Andrew went SHOPPING!! we stand and LOOK! T.T pretty pathetic, but what to do, no money! Andrew wanted to buy formal shirt for his mother..(donnoe la, U ASK HIM!) but end up buying for himself too! So, we went...G2000!! Pictures will be out soon la..

Second tour

The main reason of going there is to get my (Jiawen) baby to fix...due to some built in microphone problem. We first planned to go straight after some people (s) class, around 12.30pm. Then we waited patiently for miss Rachel Ng
to finish her major class. So we changed it to 1pm. Something unexpected happened at that time...and it was pretty frustrating! (thanks to SOMEBODY) lol...the time was around 12.50pm, still waiting for rach..Dave (the sax guy xD) told us that he'll have some 'jamming' with Adil and took his 'wife' along. Kev and I were pretty blurred at first..but to think properly..that guy used 30 mins to keep his 'wife'! argh! our stomach was like grumbling since morning! n bla bla bla...u can imagine what happened laa..we end up leaving uni around 1.40pm! =.=

Now, ppl who went...the 3 of us (Kevin, Rachel, Jiawen..Andrew was not around), Ying Hui, Huay May, Carmen an
d Dave. First place, we head to the DELL shop for my baby's sake..and got it repaired! yeaaaahhh!

Second place, food court.

Third place, we went to TOYS'R'US! for wat? get present laa for CHIOK!! lol..

(Of course not just the panda laaa xD bt guitar strings tooo)

Forth place, we went SUB cz Dave wanna shop, but look only..=.= in between, we went Body Glove and Nichii...just look through, but Kevin and Rach managed to buy shirts...

Fifth place, Reject Shop...and Dave bought a shirt! (finally!) l

( POSER!!!)

Sixth place, back to Body Glove, all 4 of the girls including me...bought polo tshirt! 2nd piece for rm25, 3rd piece for rm19! lol so, we end up shopping!! lol...CHECK THE PICTURES!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Locker's been moved!

Hey sorry we've been gone for quite awhile.  Things have been getting rather busy especially times like these... getting to know new subjects and having to kill most of our time with the work.

Apart from all that business... we're really happy to have moved locker!  From our old 2 lockers, we've moved to one big big bog big locker... well not thaaat big.  But its bigger. Well not really bigger, its the same, just pretty much stacked. With more space but less compartments.  I don't think you understand but try to =)
Here's some footage.

Waiting for Ms. JiaWen to get off her phone =/

Double locked locker xD hahaha. we just had extra.

Andrew revealing how big big big this big locker really is...

... and wow, that's how much you can fit into it! I know... not that much. but much more than we used t be able to.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Digital Shopping

Hey sorry for the long delay.  Lately we've been pretty busy starting of our sems and all.  So today we had our first MIDI Class.  We had to buy some stuff for the class though.  Headsets and flashdrives and externals.  We decided to go headset shopping today, the four of us, ming, wendee, yinghui, huay may, bi ying, pik ying, and ming's friend.

We went to Sri Computer, a shop in Low Yat Plaza.  We got lots of headsets.  Rach got a laptop cooler, and i got a Mouse as well.  Andrew got a webcam as well.


 Wheee! =)

We were waiting at Hang Tuah station... and we got bored...

Andrew and Myself with JiaWen begging...
I got a razer Mouse, andrew got a phillips headset, jiawen got something i cant see what is it...
Wendee was just posing =.=

Andrew's new joke... His name in Modern Band became Andrew Chan... Sow Lin

After shopping, we went back to uni for choir class.  Rach though went for her writing class.

First Group of camwhores with new headset

The Rest of us with our headsets doing the 'listening to music' pose

Jia Wai became Choir Vice President xD

After that, we went for drinks at Fun OK Cafe...

Jia Wen's face on webcam from rach's computer at funOK

Wen Dee, Song Lin, Phyllis

Yong Jia, Ken Ny, Huay May, Ying Hui

Rach smiling and Me Blogging... and WenDee's lost hand.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Experience Roland (Touch the Music)

Yeap...another event that happened after our final exam finish.
Andrew has his one small performance at KLCC convention center that proudly brought by Roland.
This is an exhibition that Roland sell all the electric keyboard, amp, Roland V-drum, effects pedals, and got a lot companies that helps like The Guitar Store, is one of the sponsor.
And actually Trinity Rock school also are one part of the event, that they wants advertise their school to those who like guitar, drum and bass.

so...cut it short...

Andrew are represented to his teaching center, The Concerto Music.
And after days of practice with those students that involves, later I'll post out the video (cause is quite "huge")
And one Jazz band that are very pro also got performed after our performance. The band call Gruvavenue, with we found out that Ah Ming's teacher.

here comes with some photos first...

MasaKing doing a little drum workshop

While setup"ing"

erm...this is the concerto music group that where Andrew teach.

A small boy that play bass, good song, good skill, and cute small bass.

because our friendly neighborhood Ms.Lee Jia Wen couldn't make it, so we pretend she there..XD
*can you point out where she is??? hahaha

Andrew Performing

This is the Gruvavenue band...awesome and crazy, damn good in Jazz...

Ah Ming's piano teacher, which is our college piano teacher.

so...after everything end, we planned to go to KLCC for a walk, and "try" to find cheap and nice food in KLCC. But end up we go back to kepong area makan.
While in KLCC, we saw an event of model catwalk. Walau...those girls are...................BEAUTIFUL, PRETTY, TALL, LONG LEGS, NICE FACE......everything nice are on the stage....hahahahaha....

and after that we went kepong's Desa Park city, that is a beautiful and nice and windy and big garden. We had our steamboat at near by the garden, which Kevin will opload the steamboat photo.

And after that, we planned to have a digest walk at the garden. just relax, and rest and rest and rest.....hahaha...

Steamboat meal and a prawn

Steamboat meal cooking =)

Andrew scaring us

View by the lake

View from a high spot... very nice lookout =)