Wednesday, August 27, 2008

G.O & Others CAMP!

AHHH...we're back from a very very tiring yet awesome camp!! We spent 4 days n 3 night at the Broga campsite in Semenyih. That place was great! A place that we can play and EXERCISE!
LOL! Tough exercise! We got so exhausted with the games, really crazy 1!! But then they were too awesome to be complained!!!

The water, the mud, the climbing, the swinging, the monkey bar, the HULA HOOP~!! lol!
Talking bout the hola hoop...the worst challenge for the 'self-control' group (except for Andrew)!!! hahaha..should see the way we overcome it!! haha. We got 2nd place! YEAAHHH!! Ohh, the 4 of us were separated into our groups except for me and Andrew. We were in the 'self-control' aka blue group. Kev was in 'kind' aka yellow group and Rachel was in 'joy' aka pink group. (if i'm wrong..just correct me). Ahh, overall..we had a great time there!!! Other than the body aching thing...we love the place, the game! No regrets for choosing the CAMP!! YEAAHHH!! AND...WE'R FACING CRITICAL BUTT ACHE PROBLEM!!(donnoe bout the guys, but the girls are suffering now!) hahahahahaha

And we found a leaf insect suddenly become a celebrity of us..we all take photo here n never seen this insect before (yea, we never see it 'live'..)


Lam compose the song of song - Rain Rain Go Away..
Accompanying by all the guyss..

The 4 of us..too bore and felt nothing to do..then pick up the guitar, and play a quartet guitar..

Andrew get smack from kevin cause acting like a celebrity with the sun glass..

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