Monday, December 15, 2008

Malaysian Studies presentation - Wayang Kulit

This is our presentation for Malaysian Studies 2008 September-December.

Group member: Andrew, Kevin, Wendee, BiYing (Yellow) XD
we used a lot of effort and time to prepare all the stuff..haha..after all, we just used one day to made all the puppets, and rehearsal.

anyway, all the story line all prepared by our miss Wendee and miss Biying..they find all the history of the puppet..combine all the story together..Andrew and Kevin tried to "improvise" the story..XD....

Made it more funny, modern, fun, crazy, fun fighting scene, romantic love scene....and more that you can see..

Instrumentation: Empty wine bottle filled with different level of water, Er Hu (Chinese string instrument).

Materials: White cloth, music stand, OHP (Over Head Projecter)

On the front left: Andrew (Master Puppet)
Back left: Wendee (Percussion)

On the front right: Kevin (Master Puppet)
Back right: BiYing (Er Hu)

Enjoy the show...

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MelOdy said...

omg ness

so funny XDtst