Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Locker's been moved!

Hey sorry we've been gone for quite awhile.  Things have been getting rather busy especially times like these... getting to know new subjects and having to kill most of our time with the work.

Apart from all that business... we're really happy to have moved locker!  From our old 2 lockers, we've moved to one big big bog big locker... well not thaaat big.  But its bigger. Well not really bigger, its the same, just pretty much stacked. With more space but less compartments.  I don't think you understand but try to =)
Here's some footage.

Waiting for Ms. JiaWen to get off her phone =/

Double locked locker xD hahaha. we just had extra.

Andrew revealing how big big big this big locker really is...

... and wow, that's how much you can fit into it! I know... not that much. but much more than we used t be able to.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Digital Shopping

Hey sorry for the long delay.  Lately we've been pretty busy starting of our sems and all.  So today we had our first MIDI Class.  We had to buy some stuff for the class though.  Headsets and flashdrives and externals.  We decided to go headset shopping today, the four of us, ming, wendee, yinghui, huay may, bi ying, pik ying, and ming's friend.

We went to Sri Computer, a shop in Low Yat Plaza.  We got lots of headsets.  Rach got a laptop cooler, and i got a Mouse as well.  Andrew got a webcam as well.


 Wheee! =)

We were waiting at Hang Tuah station... and we got bored...

Andrew and Myself with JiaWen begging...
I got a razer Mouse, andrew got a phillips headset, jiawen got something i cant see what is it...
Wendee was just posing =.=

Andrew's new joke... His name in Modern Band became Andrew Chan... Sow Lin

After shopping, we went back to uni for choir class.  Rach though went for her writing class.

First Group of camwhores with new headset

The Rest of us with our headsets doing the 'listening to music' pose

Jia Wai became Choir Vice President xD

After that, we went for drinks at Fun OK Cafe...

Jia Wen's face on webcam from rach's computer at funOK

Wen Dee, Song Lin, Phyllis

Yong Jia, Ken Ny, Huay May, Ying Hui

Rach smiling and Me Blogging... and WenDee's lost hand.