Monday, September 8, 2008

Andrew's 19th Birthday

Andrew is finally 19 years old! officially!

....... and the best part was.... we had a whole long day planned out for him xD

Monday, our schedule, or at least his, goes like this:
8.00am - 9.30am : Malaysian Studies
9.30am - 6.00pm : ABSOLUTELY NOTHING

6.00pm - 7.00pm : Choir Foundation 2

So he's really excited bout it being his birthday and that he has a LONG gap in between. I went to class and met andrew, wished him, and then i gave him his present ( his pay actually )

Then we ventured on with class which was cut short to only one hour because of the fasting month... wow

After class ended, we went to the guitar room so andrew could practice his guitar. Not long after, Rachel came along, then followed by JiaWen. Since it was Andrew's birthday, we decided to call a bunch of friends to meet up with us for lunch. Andrew decided to celebrate at Wong Kok in Leisure Mall.

SOooooo we went there n met everyone else, some or most were late. This is a summary of the people who attended.

People who attended the celebration: BiYing, WenDee, Ming, YingHui, Eunice, Kelvin, Nally, Michelle Leong, Michelle Wee, Leon, and the 4 of us.

Andrew got his giant Ice Tea which they give to Birthdayers. Drank til he went crazy! See the eyes!

Playing with the straws...

Just to prove how giant was the cup..

Stir stir stir n stir...

We all had lots of fun eating and talking and making noise and taking pictures and videos and laughing and yeah thats about it. Then I had to leave for class with Bi Ying, so don't know what else happened... but i'm sure a whole lot more noise, laughter and conversation.

Later around 2.30pm after my class, Andrew and i had planned to go to the gym, try it out and also work out, he claims he's getting fat. So off we went to the gym and departed from the two women. Unfortunately there were no pics of the gym and all, we were caught up exercising =P

Once we were worn out, we headed to Ming's for a shower and to freshen up before choir. As we arrived at college, Jia Wen told Andrew and I to go to secret recipe cos they were starving. So we went. And andrew was pretty clueless, though im sure he knew something was up.

This is how it went.
Andrew walked in to Secret Recipe. JiaWen, Rachel and Emmanuel were sitting at a table, no one else was around. Rachel distracted andrew with theory, with Emmanuels help. Then the plan took off... muahahaha!! While Andrew was distracted with theory, everyone else was running around the back preparing the surprise, and then....... this happened....

EnJOY =)

Andrew and his cake

Andrew blowing the candles

Andrew posing as the Joker

Then after cake we went for choir... got 2 new songs by CHARLES which andrew called Charles ( pronouncing char-less )

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand........... THIS

Hope Andrew had a great and enjoyable birthday this year~~ !!

Happy Burfday, from the 3 of us!

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