Saturday, September 27, 2008

Meow meow

Got One cute meow meow in college, forgot name liao.. but she darn cute lo.... neh , seeee seeee:

Meow meow eating fish shaped catnip and fried rice xD

sooooo cute horr ^^

then later that day................



andrew cut himself because he was doing electric guitar slides on a classical guitar. =/

then the piece of broken wood measuring around 5mm went into andrew's index finger. xD the one i kena last saturday was smaller, around 2 mm, so managed to pull andrew's one out. Then summore he use plaster =.= sigh

so anyway, teach lor, teach teach teach, then bored so took dis pic:

sad right? thats us! =)

A Tiring Day

Tiring of study.....NO LA.....where got so was ice skating... the day...after all boring and tiring class..we going to ICE SKATE.....yahooo.....!!!!
This is one of our plan that we had planned it 2 weeks ago..everyone can't wait for it..

This ice skating include of the 4 of us: Andrew, Kevin, Rachel, Jiawen...and others was wendee, yellow (Bi Ying), Rays, Kun Ming, Ying Hui and Eunice.

We finish our class on 12pm, Rachel and Jiawen finally decided to miss their class (Ponteng) XD

6 of us (Andrew, Kevin, Rachel, Jiawen, Kun Ming, Yellow {Bi YIng}) went to Sunway pyramid at first, because Eunice still having her class..
So...before we skate, we bought some bread to gave us some strenght before we pengsan in the ice court..

Ok...cut short..bought ticket, wear glove, get out skate shoes...and then...move out....!!!!!!!(3.30pm)

Among us..Andrew the 80s, Ying Hui, Kevin, Kun Ming, Eunice, Yellow knows how to skate already(or skate before, but still can't master it)..the newbies or begginer was: Rachel, Jiawen, Wen dee, Rays..ok then, the game start, everyone move like tortoise or 1years old baby crawling..XD..

Then...the story just like normal lo..sure got people fall down until got black and green color..move on....blah blah blah........................................story end with.......everyone had learn how to skate....

For our dinner, we going to PJ Asia Cafe (A Food Court that near by INTI and Taylor)..we order a lot of foods and big big drinks...

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Happy Birthday Emmanuel/Immanuel?? Santa Maria Chin

September 19th..our drummer..Maria Chin..was his birthday..
erm..Although didn't took his photo..but we had a special present for him..
We wrote a piece of song for him..
And put it between the wiper of Emmanuel's car..

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Down with the sickness

And now when life gets slighty more challenging in studies, I have managed to fall sick in a very long time. Sore throat, cough, flu, u name it.... and whats worst, maybe Andrew is getting it... i think a few others may be slightly aswell.

So not many interesting things have been goin on... oh there is one though.

We've booked ourselves tickets to watch the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra(MPO) play music from the triology 'The Lord of the Rings' composed by Howard Shore on the 20th of December.

If you're interested there still may be some seats available =)

Apart from that, nothing much is happening. A few more updates should be coming soon. Happy mid-autumn!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Andrew's 19th Birthday

Andrew is finally 19 years old! officially!

....... and the best part was.... we had a whole long day planned out for him xD

Monday, our schedule, or at least his, goes like this:
8.00am - 9.30am : Malaysian Studies
9.30am - 6.00pm : ABSOLUTELY NOTHING

6.00pm - 7.00pm : Choir Foundation 2

So he's really excited bout it being his birthday and that he has a LONG gap in between. I went to class and met andrew, wished him, and then i gave him his present ( his pay actually )

Then we ventured on with class which was cut short to only one hour because of the fasting month... wow

After class ended, we went to the guitar room so andrew could practice his guitar. Not long after, Rachel came along, then followed by JiaWen. Since it was Andrew's birthday, we decided to call a bunch of friends to meet up with us for lunch. Andrew decided to celebrate at Wong Kok in Leisure Mall.

SOooooo we went there n met everyone else, some or most were late. This is a summary of the people who attended.

People who attended the celebration: BiYing, WenDee, Ming, YingHui, Eunice, Kelvin, Nally, Michelle Leong, Michelle Wee, Leon, and the 4 of us.

Andrew got his giant Ice Tea which they give to Birthdayers. Drank til he went crazy! See the eyes!

Playing with the straws...

Just to prove how giant was the cup..

Stir stir stir n stir...

We all had lots of fun eating and talking and making noise and taking pictures and videos and laughing and yeah thats about it. Then I had to leave for class with Bi Ying, so don't know what else happened... but i'm sure a whole lot more noise, laughter and conversation.

Later around 2.30pm after my class, Andrew and i had planned to go to the gym, try it out and also work out, he claims he's getting fat. So off we went to the gym and departed from the two women. Unfortunately there were no pics of the gym and all, we were caught up exercising =P

Once we were worn out, we headed to Ming's for a shower and to freshen up before choir. As we arrived at college, Jia Wen told Andrew and I to go to secret recipe cos they were starving. So we went. And andrew was pretty clueless, though im sure he knew something was up.

This is how it went.
Andrew walked in to Secret Recipe. JiaWen, Rachel and Emmanuel were sitting at a table, no one else was around. Rachel distracted andrew with theory, with Emmanuels help. Then the plan took off... muahahaha!! While Andrew was distracted with theory, everyone else was running around the back preparing the surprise, and then....... this happened....

EnJOY =)

Andrew and his cake

Andrew blowing the candles

Andrew posing as the Joker

Then after cake we went for choir... got 2 new songs by CHARLES which andrew called Charles ( pronouncing char-less )

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand........... THIS

Hope Andrew had a great and enjoyable birthday this year~~ !!

Happy Burfday, from the 3 of us!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

New New New...Everythings New...

Hey friends..this is our 2nd semester in 2008, September to December..although is a short and long sem for some of the the student..but have a lot new stuff...

erm....where to start 1st....

ok...1st...start with out one new teacher call vincent kang
..he will take over uncle Ian place to teach us on Friday..anyway, Ian still will teach us on need to be "sad"..and and and...our Ms.Jiawen, take place as our choir treasurer..congratulation...yeah...!!!

2nd..our administrator was Ms.Liu..but she took a long, replace with some one call Sharon Tan..erm..bout her, ok ok la...

3rd..Andrew, JiaWen, Rachel all change the minor teacher..for Andrew, he change his teacher to another female teacher..Jiawen and Rachel dunno why suddenly change to drum..reason: drum stick more light and cheaper... =.=" kind a weird reason for me..

4th..Aural teacher...for our aural3 teacher, her name call Sara..good, nice, kind..(maybe haven't see her fierce face yet..haha..)....For Alex..our world music teacher..Andrew, Jiawen, kevin all in aural3..but that day when aural2, we take a part in a class was an amazing class..right?? XP

5th..our motto duno gone to deep deep sea, our(kevin, andrew and jiawen) wish to buy a laptop within this sem and next and andrew hardworking to earn money for laptop..jiawen also found her job too..

6th..we get our new locker..woohooo....can put our stuff inside there: andrew's amp, kevin's big big bag, jiawen n rachel's book....and blah blah blah...

7th...oh ya..and our new timetable..really will kill us..on monday..poor andrew get 9HOURS of rest time...ridiculous, andrew plan to go gym, sleep at ah ming house (angkasa), practice...another 3 of them no need to wake up early like andrew....8am class..... UCSI a lot of new one of the guy..was from Baka..Cameron..the Baka tribe that we learn in world

This is a new sem of all student meet got alot of announcement..from here can see the whole recital hall was full..

Anyway...even though some of the subject will be very bore and hard...but we still gonna enjoy it..cause we are musicians.....kakakakakakaka.....i mean we still have our music accompany us..

At last.......Happy new sem.....