Saturday, August 16, 2008

UCSI, Modern Band Concert, 2008 May-August

Every semester the Modern Band Ensemble students toil and battle their way through hundreds of songs in multiple genres & styles, transcending the limits of their capabilities to produce works of appraisable musical quality. In recognition of their efforts and achievements the Contemporary Music Department hosts this special event to showcase the best of their work.

This repertoire consists of rock, jazz, latin, traditional music, and repertoire that would be hard to place in any musical category, representing not only the diversity in the music of our daily university life but also the vast talent pool of today's up and coming generation. It is both a daunting responsibility and nonetheless an immeasurable pleasure to be guiding them through their musical journey.

Below was the song, repertoire that had been played by all the senior.
Hope you'll like it.

{Peaches En Regalia}{Frank Zappa}

{Why Does it Hurt When I Pee}{Frank Zappa}

{Oblivion}{Astor Piazzolla}

{Ikan Kekek}{Malay Folk Song}

{Trapped in toyland}{Mr.Big}

{Senor Mouse}{Chick Corea}

{Stranger In Town}{Pat Metheny}


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