Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Its been awhile...

Hey!! so it's been awhile... a long while actually... we're not really back, busy and all, but anyways i thought i'd make a short update on whats happening just for ol' times sake.

We've been having a superb new year. Things are a lil more interesting this sem as weve got new bands, new work, new classes, new classmates and yada yada. This sem we've got a big hit. Jiawen got great band members, Ehsan! And also the new bassist from Iran, Koroush. Besides that, Andrew got himself a new jazz guitar.. nice thing really. it's quite a beauty. I myself got some stomboxes. The girls, well, Rach got a new bass, a soundgear from ibanez. Nice piece of thingy. Jiawen got herself a new bass amp too. Fender rumble. (shopping til we're practically broke)

Another thing thats real torchering this sem is choir.... we get 6 hours a week of choir and we only get 1 credit hour for it... Thats not very fair... If it was so for Band class, i'd be more than glad! It's just messing up our timetable and all.... sigh. So some of them retaliated and tried to fight the power.... but failed...
Moral of the story... don't try to fight the power... the power always wins.. =\

I doubt any of you would check the blog moreover read this post... but if you did and are reading this now... Thanks! It's been great so far and hopefully we get back to this when we finally get bored of being busy in school.

Kevin - signing out!