Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Jogoya and The Dithyrambic Singers

Okay guys so this post is gonna be reaaaally super duper long... and believe me when I say LONG!! probably the longest post in the blog.

Why do I say so? Well simply because of the gigantinormous number of pictures as well as the insanely long events that we went through. So hold on to your seats, grab a Subway™ sandwich with a bottle of lemonade cos this is gonna be one heck of a long post. ;)

Jogoya, a buffet style restaurant situated in the Starhill Gallery in Kuala Lumpur. One or two things you should know before going there, the food can be rather pricy depending on the time of the day. Another thing would be, there will most probably be a long queue to enter, so make a reservation for convenience sake.

Let's take off with the show shall we?

Jogoya's food was really good, had a wide variety

Coconuts and JiaWen, whats the similarity? Hard on outside, empty on the inside xD

WenDee and her not so giant prawn

More of our food and drinks

New plate of prawns just in

WenDee laughing at her cup?


We Love the fooood

Max doing something involving coconuts as his eyes

The Orange Juice Gang

Group pic! Always a must right? haha

And so after filling our stomachs to the brim, we decided to head on out of jogoya. Our meal time was almost up anyways.

As we approached the exit, they had some nice deco so they took more pics.

And the birthday girl! well not until the following day

The outside of the place

We went down and down and down. And took more pictures on the way.

JiaWen with the rest of the mall

Max and Myself with a bit of the mall

YingHui with Ulysse Nardin

While we were up there taking pics, some were already down taking more pics. Look who got dragged to take their pics. Poor Stephen

And then I went down to join him.

So the competition begins, which one looks nicer? xD
*Note* Participants stood beside different trees due to height difference

David smiling at the camera

Stephen acting cool and calm

Max dozed off by the tree and fireplace o.O

These girls found those lights interesting....

At the couch, playing around with pillows, JiaWens Glasses Broke. Oh NO! Very tense situation
She had to figure out ways to get it fixed... soon after, we continued on.

We went to meet up with Ming and Rachel. Ming was MIA when we left for Jogoya, Rachel had an exam, so they came together afterwards.

Ming and the Mall (Pavillion this time)

JiaWen and David decided to get a pair of contacts to last her for the mean time.

Off to focus point to get contacts. JiaWen feeling sad =(

And so the kind hearted David, who was responsible for the glasses bought a set of contacts for JiaWen.

Here are JiaWen's easy steps to put on contact lenses:

Step 1: Place lenses on fingertip
Step 2: Place one lense into one eye
Step 3: Place other lense into other eye
Step 4: Make sure they fit comfortably

And after following those easy steps....
You have....
Contacts in your eyes! Congratulations

In this particular case, you have a very different looking JiaWen

Well what do you think? How does she look?
Please help us know you opinion by leaving a comment on this post:
JiaWen with Contacts (followed by) your comment in sentence / 1-10

I hope you are bearing with the post... I know its long... we still got some way to go.

Here we have the girls....

and here we have 4/5 of the guys.. I was at the cam sadly

The girls then ventured off to Forever 21 while the 3 of us went to EpiCentre(Machines)

Finally after toiling around Machines, we went to Forever 21 to find the girls and rest of the guys. Then they went to nose to look at slippers and shoes and whatnot.

It was about time to watch the highlight of the night... so we went back to Starhill gallery.

The Choirer we came to see xD well ONE of the choirers. (btw choirer isn't the proper term to use)

Rachel and Oskar, Vincent and Oskar

Oskar and WenDee

Terence and WenDee (Sorry not too sure of the spelling)

And here we have the Dithyrambic Singers, singing Christmas carols and many songs.

After watching the marvolous performance, we had to leave because it was getting late.

So before we left, we took pictures of and with the tree.

Group picture (Eunice was at the camera)

Before you're done with the post, here's David wishing all you readers a Merry Christmas!

And we're at the end of the post ;)
Thanks for reading and sorry for the delay of posting this for those who were involved with that days events.

Hitting Balls

On a certain Wednesday..
I think..
Dun remember.. xD

We were bored.. and hungry..
someone said to grab lunch sumwhr near sec 17..
but we ended up in 1u..
haha.. dun ask mi how did that happen..
and rach's sibs followed along..
mind u.. they are Hannah, Lydia and Sarah..
I think its cause of Christmas Shopping or smthing...

This is Jiawennnnn.... xD

Next up is Kevin xD

Some other random photoss...

FYI.... This is Hannah xD

Best Shot of the Day..

Sick... yes..

That concludes that day's outing program..
and we bought nothing that is related to Christmas =)
it turns out to be a window shopping day...
worst day of the boys' lives..