Friday, July 11, 2008

Andrew's new Ibanez Guitar..our new 'Member'..

Friends on 11 July 2008, Andrew (me)..get my new guitar, that i desire for it since 3-4 month ago..
Today is the Day..wuakakaka...and not just my guitar, my friends: Kevin, Rachel, JiaWen, come and visit me and my house..

OK...let the story begin...

Today, Kev Rac Ren come and visit me, after that, we go a music center to get my(Andrew) new guitar..the Ibanez RG2550Z Galaxy White...number of guitar is 00-01..the first guitar from japan..galaxy white...wuakaka...

The moment i reach the guitar shop, i damn so nervous, happy and almost faint(haha, bluff only la)

After that, i get a great news from the salesman, he say, for now, im the only ONE who own this guitar, Bentley store just import one guitar ONLY..who wanna own this guitar, have to wait until great of owning this guitar, im proud of it...hehehehehe

Below was some of the picture of my 'Wife'...hope u all enjoy it..

The Openning

Number..this is the proof..00-01

The Floyd Rose

J-Craft made

J-Craft Case

The Back

The Body

The Head

The Pickup

This is the moment i opened my new guitar, the one taking video is Kevin, thx man...
Beside that, was Rachel and JiaWen..
Thx for visit me and accompany me..

After that, we decided to have our lunch, so i make the decision to go to Chow Kit to eat Pan Mee..

Because we wanna to save petrol, we take bus..another reason is, we've take car and train before, so now take bus...haha..

After we reach Chow Kit, we walk walk walk and walk walk walk again and again...quite far...
we were hot, sweat and hungry..we walk through a path, a uncle say some thing bad word to Jiawen and Rachel...and their eye were so horny...

Finaly, we reach the stall, i order 5PanMee although we just have 4person there..and also LeongFun ice...waaa....damn nice....and im very very full, cause i eat 1 1/2 bowl of pan mee...gosh..big tummy...hahaha...while i eating, i sweat again, cause i put a lot of chili sos inside the panmee..

After that...while we walking back to take bus, a uncle pushing a trolly, suddenly his things all fall down from the trolly...the gentlemen, me and kevin, helping him to pick up all the stuff..So GENTLEMEN...hahahaha...
Then...take bus home lo...luckyly, we get a bus with air-cond...thx god... a Happy day for me...thx my friends...cause make my friday different...and thx for the music center, cause help me get the guitar...


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