Friday, January 16, 2009


The event a lot of us were looking forward to. Mainly to see our lecturers play, hahaha.

So block A was filled with club booths and organizations promoting themselves to students, new and old. There were some groups selling drinks and food. Two people came to us to sell us sandwiches. Kenny(center) tried first, we tried some from his, then we all got ourselves a sandwich hahaha xD

Yummy Tuna, David stole Andrew's top slice of bread. He looks sad.

Unifest poster

The first act we managed to catch after having dinner, 'Scene at the movies' A KL/Melbourne based band.

Next up, an all girl band, 'Free to Fall'

Then it was time for our very own faculty of Music Lecturers, Really enjoyable performance. The video will be uploaded shortly... i hope. Its huge O.o


These girls could'nt resist taking pictures with 'SATM'
From Left: Eunice, Huay Mei, David, ~GirlGirl~ xD LoL, Dharen, Rays, WenDee, Rohan and BiYing

Juwita Suwito


Army of Three, but with four members this time.

Last but not least, Bus Company

Overall it rocked, really loud, most of us got deaf cos we were so near the front. But we all had fun. Ended around 11 something.

CF reopening for the new sem

As the new semester has begun, CF meetings continue. This time hopefully we can participate more than the previous sem. Though we have no classes on fridays...

So yeah, we started the day messing with WenDee's height. Not nice... i know.

Then later we had lunch at Block B's.

JiaWen drinking...

JiaWen does not like to be fed dried meat xD

Andrew teaching theory? OR discussing, not too sure.

Rachel enjoying a drink

And then we have our first CF meeting of the sem. Mixing around while playing games.

Cf is in Block C, Level 1 at C115 fridays 1300 hours


Sunday, January 11, 2009

New sem briefing

New sem New Year...our foundation last semester...jury sem...
and....yup...again...our school of music take some video of it...
and...yup again...that's almost all the student of school of music at the recital hall (some of them lazy to come)...
and...the thing that they did every sem again and again was...brief about the rules lo....
and voting for some club or group something like that...forgot already..

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

First day of school!

Hey all, its a new year, and also a new sem for us. So we hope you guys are enjoying your new year too as much as we are! Feels good to finally be in 2009, a lot closer to degree for the four of us. Not only that, but having jury as well.

Anyway, first day as usual, we all come and meet up, settle classes, schedules, and whatnot. And guess where we went for breakfast! The one and only, famous mamak... hahaha

So here is Andrew with his 'telur separuh masak'

Jia Wen and Ganesh

Zedes and Stephen

Rachel and Myself ( sorry for the weird expression )

And guess who started the new sem with brand new apparel... why Andrew of course! His brand new Nike backpack bought by the one and only ;)
Isn't he just so happy?

We hope this sem will be great for us and all of you out there too. Though a busy 4 months will be ahead of us, we know we'll have a great time throughout and thanks be to God for keeping all of us in the pickle of health and bringing us back to uni safe and sound. Also for all the great things that we've experienced, bonding among new friends, lessons learnt and so on.

We'll keep you posted ;)