Saturday, February 28, 2009

McD is our best friend?

We thought we had given up eating McDonalds, cos we eat there too much. Way too many times, and there went all our work done in the gym.


So it was after Cf Rally practice, we went for a snack around 10 something at night. Andrew, Rachel, Me, Emmanuel and Steve.

Remember, we went for a snack.

oof... there goes my stomach

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Just another day...

And so another day begins.. actually, the week begins.

Andrew got his amazingly rare and nice parking. For those of you who know, the first lot of the 4 lot parking between exit A and B. He said, every time there will be a Vios parked in that place.. so he finally got it. Unfortunately he had to sacrifice it to drive us to McDs and Guitar Store.

Very hard and painful decision....

So at McD with Emmanuel, DavidC, and the four of us. The discount vouchers were almost expired so we thought we'd use it up. While having late breakfast, we had a chat about games. Old games, new games. The hottest topic lately is L4D. For those of you who don't know it, its Left 4 Dead, a game by Valve, the company who created the world famous Counter Strike. Its a zombie shooting game.

Then talked about Sims, roller coaster tycoon, zoo tycoon and all those games which Andrew and Emmanuel used to play.

David got bored, so he started baking a cake.....?

Butter, Eggs, Sugar

yeap pretty disgusting....

after awhile we left, then went to TGS to get bags for bass and guitar. They were out of stock so we went back to U.

Round round round round round, no parking.... Andrew gave up and parked on the hill.

Later on, we went to giant to buy stuff, stock up our locker. Went we went out to JiaWen's car, guess what we saw?

Hhahahaha, yeap, thats the parking lot. xD

All stocked up =)

Sunday, February 15, 2009

JiaWen's Birthday

This year, JiaWen's birthday fell on a Monday, so we were hoping no one had classess on monday. We were also hoping that she wouldnt hide at home and not go out with us =.=

So finally, we decided to go out for dinner. Thinking and deciding where to go, we ended up suggesting Fridays, but there were no outlets at convenient locations, so we changed out venue to Chilies in MV.

People who came for the dinner were JiaWen herself, Rachel, Kevin, Ying Hui, Yong Jia(Clarinet Boy) and Irene.

While walking in MV few of us bumped into Zedes... who wanted to ditch his date to join us for dinner... which, he didn't of course.

Andrew couldn't make it either, he was occupied in K Selangor the whole day.

Here's Clarinet boy holding a matching purple handbag (jiawen's)

Starting at Chilies

YingHui and Irene

Clarinet boy again

Rachel gazing upon something...

Stuffing down food.. very very filling!

YingHui was shaving the corn cos everyone was too lazy to bite

And finally, the birthday girl with her choc brownie smothered in ice cream and choc sauce

(Video to be attached later)

JiaWen didn't want us to sing, but we sang anyways xD together with the Chilies staff! hahaha

We were stuffed after and dead tired, so that was it for the night... someone is finally 19! woohoo!

(Click to see a much larger and clearer image)

Sunday, February 8, 2009

A cute quote of a day

What a generation...what a day...what a bunch of kids...what a line that they talked...what their mind thinking...

ok ok...the story start with...

Andrew and Kevin was teaching at Ocean Yamaha on one of the Friday night..while Kevin still teaching..Andrew came out and lepak lepak at the corridor..between that, another class just ended, the class was full of kids...small kids...really young and small kids..they having keyboard lesson together in a class..

so...what's so special bout it 2 boys, they were walked out from the class room..

The first boy came out first and he said: Bye bye, see you next week, i love you..

The second boy: Bye bye to you too, but i don't love you.

First boy: Why you don't love me?

2nd boy: because I'm not gay, so I don't love you. If I'm gay, i sure will love you..

Oh My Gosh........what a generation, what are they thinking in their mind..I only know gay when I were in secondary school...

So...that's what happen between our teaching time..