Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The end is near... end of sem I mean.

So yeah the end of the sem is coming nearer. What sucks is that I have to go through jury again... pls oh pls don't fail me! I promise I'll practice this time. properly... =(

And then we have our band finals, band concert, and so much nonsense. The end of sem is usually the most hectic. So nothing much is new, maybe Audrey's puppies and thats about it. Some of us are even planning our holidays in April. If you think thats nuts, then Emmanuel is planning his August holidays now. THAT'S NUTS. Contemplating on getting some equipment, Andrew as well. Stompboxes really.

Academic wise, choir seems better than it started. & .Elliot is getting better at his job.

There was something that happened not too long though, to Eugene. His laptop got flung out while it was sitting on a chair in a bag. If you know the story (i'm sure you do) then great. But if you don't, you can feel free to ask anyone happening in music xD *ahem ahem* like Andrew Jiawen Rachel and Myself =P. then theres a whole list but i'm not gonna list it out cos it will waste my ink. Wait,... I'm not writing. =|


Well anyways, have a good end of sem and if you're free and not from the music faculty, please do come for our Modern Band concert which should be posted up soon. Have a good time!

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